One Stop Tech Solutions

Hire the top 4% of the IT sector talent for your dream project. We build the smartest and the fastest technical solutions for our clients.

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Suitable for Startups

Our fastest dev team works for you to be time to market.

Latest Tech Stack

Don't live in stone-age, we own the tech from the future you can't refuse.

Data Driven Decisions

We workship data, we help you understand your market.

Who we are?

We work with startups & enterprises who believe that their ideas can change the world. Because what is more philanthropic than being a part of the game changing team.

Fastest developers in the whole Silicon Valley

We belong to the top 4% of IT sector talent and we were once the core team members of IBM, Samsung, Y Media Labs etc.

We build it like we own it. 

We take the complete responsibility of the product from the inception to the production of the project.

Super Fast Communication & Transparency

If our Project Managers would have run the country, then ours would be the first country with Flying Cars and Teleportation Technology. 

What we do?

Whether you want to building a Hello World project or a Rocket Science project, we got everything you need in our backpack.

Digital Strategy

We help you to create the most effective brand stratergy which involves market collaterals, best practices, pitch templates etc.

Design and Branding

We create design prototypes, visual designs, mock-ups, branding, logo design etc. which meet all your expectation.

Mobile Development

Mobile app development has become our a piece of cake for us. We build native Android, iOS and Windows applications.

Cloud Infrastructure

We build the robust backend infrastructure for our client. We got Node.JS and Play Framework experts on board.

Responsive Web Development

We build the most trendy and mobile responsive websites for our clients whether it be simple HTML or Angular, we got you.

Growth Hacking

We helps startups and well-established companies to achieve rapid and sustainable growth through SEO, retention analysis etc.

How it works?

Ideation & Consulting

We recognize the market needs through research & propose an appropriate solution feasible in your given investment range. Later, we contact the experts in their respective domains such as finance, product development, legal etc… for smoother execution.

Design & Develop

Being in the mobile industry since years and through the AGILE methodologies, we design and develop the intuitive UI/UX which your users would love to use.

Branding & Growth Hacking

We experiment across various marketing channels and product development cycle to provide the most efficient ways to grow your business.

Premium Support

We constantly monitor for grievances and issues and immediately fix it before anyone could notice it. We got your back 24*7.

Let's Talk Hurry

We geeks won't get hot dates but we definetly get business dates from our clients. Why waste your time? Let's get started.

If you are looking for business partnership or affiliation, we would love to. Let's Collaborate